Farm Animals Grass Grow Kit

A fun grass grow kit for the kid inside you.  Makes a great gift.  Grow and style the animal’s hair.  Collect all 4 animals:  Cow, Pig, Sheep  and Chicken.


  •  Animal ceramic pot
  • Grass seed packet
  • Growing medium
  • Growing instructions


2-1/2″ (l) x 2-1/2″ (w) x 2″ (h)

Item codes:

Cow:  95574

Pig:  95575

Chicken:  95576

Sheep:  95577

Styles Available:

Instructions : Step 1

Place the growing medium pellet in a bowl or cup. Add approximately 1 tablespoon lukewarm water. The pellet will expand as it absorbs the water and turn into growing medium. Fluff the growing medium with a fork, adding more water if necessary.

Instructions : Step 3

Sprinkle approximately 10 seeds over the surface of the growing medium. Save any remaining seeds for replanting at a later time.

Instructions : Step 2

Add 3/4 of the growing medium to the container, reserving the rest to cover the seeds.

Instructions : Step 4

Lightly cover the seeds with the remaining growing medium.

Care : Watering

Use a fine mist or gently sprinkle water on top to moisten. Water daily with a fine mist to keep moist. A spray bottle is a perfect tool to water your plants. Do not over water.

Care : Light

Place in a warm, sunny location.

Care : Germination

Grass will sprout within 7 days.

Care : Transplant

Cut and style once the grass reaches 1.5" in height. Hair will grow back after cutting.


pdf-image Download a PDF of the Farm Animal Growing Instructions